Barbarity on the border between Turkey and Greece

Human rights and lives of refugees and immigrants are worth very little for the EU imperialist bloc.

Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, He opened the border with Greece to allow the passage of thousands of refugees and said "Hereinafter, no longer close the border. This will continue going. Why? Because Europe must keep his word. We are not in able to meet and feed many refugees ". A) Yes, he put an end to the pact with the EU through which received 6.000 million euros to act as wall flow migration. Erdogan linked the policy shift with support, his trial, many countries have provided to the Kurdish militias in Syria.

The response of the Greek government to "I safeguard the borders" Do not be late. The Coast Guard and police fired shots suppressed in Evros and Lesbos. Women and children, they are in a more vulnerable, They have suffered racist and xenophobic attacks. Until today, They have killed a man and a child. The aggression, a las que en algunos casos se suman grupos fascistas, also target journalists and NGO solidarity. Neither Turkish nor Greek government cares about the lives of Syrian refugees, Afghans, Libyans, Somali or any other nationality. Both use people desperate to promote their economic and geopolitical interests. They take them as hostages of their decisions on the war fronts and to position itself to the world powers.

Another key player is the European Union. Con el beneplácito del Alto representante de la Unión para Asuntos Exteriores y Política de Seguridad, Josep Borrel; They flew on the ground and checkpoints visited the presidents of the European Council, Charles Michel; European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen y del Parlamento Europeo, David Sassoli. No lo hicieron por razones humanitarias, sino para apoyar política y logísticamente la "firm hand" del primer ministro Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Because, Von of the Leyen expressed "I thank Greece is the shield of Europe". La comitiva se comprometió a colaborar con 100 border guards, 7 boats, a helicopter, un avión, varios vehículos de patrullaje y 700 millions of euros. They do so with the excuse to continue to protect a welfare state assumption of Europe at the expense of the lives of vulnerable people.

The anti-immigrant EU policy has been expressed in punishment NGOs lifesaving in the Mediterranean Sea and the abandonment of people fleeing the horror in makeshift boats. La postura griega de suspender el derecho de asilo tiene asidero en la reciente decisión del Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos. Este avaló la devolución en caliente de dos hombres, realizada por España en 2014, después que saltaran la valla de Melilla. The European body presented as a guarantee of respect for human rights is the first is to put them aside. Such nonsense was welcomed by Interior Minister Fernando Great of the "Progressive coalition government" PSOE-Can, who has accelerated deportations and he is working on a new asylum law, more restrictive yet. El Estado español ha activado acuerdos de readmisión con Mauritania y Senegal, países a los que ha enviado inmigrantes somalíes, malienses y de otras nacionalidades.

The bourgeois governments and their accomplices present the European Union as the paradigm "Advanced democracies". It is a big lie: the imperialist bloc has increasingly reactionary institutions, that cut or eliminate elementary social and human rights. In this there is a great distance between"Eurosceptics" Y "Europeanist" con quienes no compartimos nada. Nosotros planteamos el inmediato cese de la represión en la frontera turco-griega; We condemn police brutality and abuse of state power by which claim to defend human rights, but only defend European privileges. We reject the xenophobic attacks, racistas, machistas y las devoluciones en caliente. Exigimos la inmediata provisión de ayuda humanitaria por parte de los estados involucrados y la UE, respect for the right of asylum and entry to Europe with full rights for refugees and immigrants. Por estos motivos, on Tuesday 3 hemos participado en la manifestación realizada frente a la Comisión Europea en Barcelona y en el corte de Passeig de Gràcia. What is happening is an example of the barbarism to which leads the capitalist-imperialist system, con guerras, explotación, oppression and national boundaries. They are either them or us. Because, nos tenemos que organizar para derrotarlos, romper con la UE y construir el socialismo. Es lo que impulsamos desde la International Socialist League.  

Rally in front of the European Commission in Barcelona.