1Th May: Capitalists should pay for the crisis

The true face of government

Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias assumed power with promises of profound changes in relation to the government of Mariano Rajoy and the PP. But, your government, did nothing but patch and make up the system. He took economic measures to save entrepreneurs, while the working class is getting worse. The management of the pandemic was marked by insufficient health measures, socially unequal and politically undemocratic. The supposed "dialogue" with the Catalan self-determination aspirations is a crude trap to liquidate the 1-O, preceded by a miserable espionage, in the style of military dictatorships, which again demonstrates Sánchez's true intentions, a follower of Rajoy's repression, with another speech. The annulment of the labor reform was transformed into only a few tweaks that maintain precarious work. The Gag Law is still in force. Attacks on immigrant rights are getting stronger. It has given a new historical stab to the Saharawi people, by supporting the autonomy plan of the invading regime of Mohamed VI leaving aside the self-determination of Western Sahara. Inflation is eating up wages and the situation of the great majority is getting worse every day.

Against the employers' parties, we must build a new political alternative

El PP, VOX, Ciudadanos and the bosses' parties are more of the same. The PP already sank Spain with Rajoy. He tried to recover with Pablo Casado and did not succeed. During his administration at the head of the popular corruption continued. The expressions of brutal corruption in the efforts of Díaz Ayuso and Martínez Almeida, with family and friends, in full pandemic, they do nothing more than confirm that the PP cannot be fixed, the assumption of Núñez Feijóo is just a name change. On top of that, they are increasingly attached to the extreme right of VOX, in a mutual political business that, it allows some to get to govern and others to achieve their institutional normalization, climbing ranks. VOX is a retrograde expression, anti workers, anti-feminist and anti-immigrant, which must be defeated in the streets and in the mobilizations. The other employers' parties such as Ciudadanos, PNV, CKD and others, they are the "critical" troupe of the government that support.  Podemos abandoned any call for mobilization to adapt to "the caste" that it claimed to fight. Its integration into the bourgeois government of the PSOE implies the burial of any truly "progressive" intention. Throughout the Spanish State it is necessary to set up a new political alternative, left, anticapitalist, PP and does not serve to defeat the rising right of Vox, consistent with the confrontation with the governments of the day and the regime, fight for socialism. It is an immediate task, so that the right and the extreme right are not the currents that capitalize on the discontent with the false progressives of the PSOE and United We Can.

For a new union leadership, combative and democratic

The economic and social situation worsens for the working class in the face of the passivity of the majority leaders of the UGT and CC. AND. Its leaders make a cult of negotiating with employers and governments, leaving aside the consequent struggle for the interests of the working class. They don't call assemblies, they isolate conflicts and avoid calling for firm measures like the plague. Far from declaring a merciless war on precarious work, low wages, junk contracts and unemployment, agree on measures that centrally favor large businessmen and powerful. On this May 1st, it is necessary to reaffirm the need to sweep the bureaucrats from the unions and promote the emergence of new democratic and combative leaders. National mobilization and an active general strike are needed to bring to the forefront of the political and social scene the demands and demands most felt by the working class.. You have to turn everything around so that, once and for all, the crisis does not fall on the backs of the working people, let those who generated it pay for it, the capitalists.

The regime of the 78, anachronistic and broken

Governments and parties continue to defend and claim the Constitution and the transition as exemplary. Actually, it is an institutionality created to liquidate really left-wing expressions and reinstate monarchical power. Its effects are still felt today: Juan Carlos I walks his corruption around the world without any consequence in Spain, royalty continues to exercise their power as if we were in feudalism. Justice persecutes and punishes labor and union activists and persecutes those who fight for self-determination in Catalonia. Its failures allow the continuity of the abuses of the patriarchy, of attacks on immigrants and all forms of social injustice. The judicial power, like the monarchy, they are direct results of a model shaped by the Franco regime, that continue to this day. Definitely, government, the regime and the Spanish capitalist system demonstrate its decomposition and mark a course of growing impoverishment and cutting back on democratic freedoms. The bottom line goes through a government of the workers and the people, with a regime without monarchy, with elected presidents and judges with revocable mandates and with the validity of full democratic freedoms. The Spanish situation does not escape the reality of a war in the middle of Europe.

Before the horror of war

The consequences of the war are felt in Spain and throughout the world: shortage of gas and oil, food shortages and the possibility of massive claims in the face of social deterioration. The Russian invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the true barbarism of the current world order. From the International Socialist League and Socialism and Freedom, we defend the national and democratic rights of the Ukrainian people, we oppose the rise of imperialist tensions and the threat of a wider war. For these reasons we deploy a principled policy expressed in various declarations and a solidarity campaign with the independent Ukrainian trade unions.. We oppose the Russian imperialist invasion and demand the withdrawal of its troops. We oppose the advance of the NATO military alliance in Eastern Europe and the massive build-up of weapons underway in all capitalist powers. We support the Ukrainian popular resistance and its right to defend itself against the brutal Russian aggression with all means at its disposal.. We stand in solidarity with the anti-capitalist forces in Ukraine that face the invasion from an independent position of the pro-imperialist government., Zelensky's liberal and anti-worker, as do our comrades from the Ukrainian Socialist League (LSU). We promote global anti-war mobilization and solidarity between the Russian and Ukrainian working class and internationally. We do this by rejecting the lying campaigns that present the conflict as the dispute between "democracy and authoritarianism" or between "progressivism and Nazism". And the calls for “national unity” under the leadership of any of the competing imperialisms in Ukraine.

We go from crisis to crisis, It is essential that the people burst onto the scene with their demands

In three years there was: pandemic, collapse of the economy and war. Economic and social disasters are repeated with increasing depth. These are not isolated events. It is about the consequences caused by a system of exploitation and oppression, whose governments and institutional regimes exercise bourgeois power by prioritizing the profits of a privileged handful over the needs of the great majority of the workers and the people. The capitalist system attacks the working class, to the poorest, to women, immigrants and destroy the planet. Cyclical crises lead down a path that leads to barbarism. Because, we must defeat capitalism and build a socialist system, no patterns, without exploited, nor oppressed, with full social and democratic rights, totally opposed to the Stalinism of the Communist Parties that stained the flags of internationalist socialism. Building strong socialist and revolutionary organizations is an indispensable task. We invite you to face it together from SOL and the world organization that we integrate, the international socialist league.